I Can Only Imagine Study—Journal and Participant's Guide

Journal and Participant's Guide

Find hope and purpose in this 28-day study of Jesus's life and ministry. This beautifully designed interactive study journal is effective as a standalone study or as a participant's guide for the I Can Only Imagine Video Series. Embark on a journey through Jesus' encounters with broken people, found throughout the Gospels. Each day includes Scripture, reflective questions, and prayer—all working together to reveal God's incredible heart for you.

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I Can Only Imagine Study—Small Group Kit

Small Group Kit

How can we overcome loss, release guilt, and conquer fear in a world that is relentlessly broken? The I Can Only Imagine Small Group Kit includes:

  • 4-Episode Video Series (featuring Bart Millard of MercyMe)
  • 28-Day Journal (Participant's Guide)
  • Leader's Guide filled with wisdom that makes it easy to lead your small group on a journey of redemption and healing
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I Can Only Imagine Study—Video Series

Bart Millard's incredible testimony—and lessons gleaned from his life—are at the heart of a 4-episode Video Series from City On A Hill. The study features Bart, the lead singer of MercyMe, sharing his testimony of redemption and hope along with the lessons God has instilled. The study also contains select scenes from I CAN ONLY IMAGINE.

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Leader's Guide

I Can Only Imagine Study—Leader's Guide

Create a natural conversation that leads to a meaningful experience for your group members wit the I Can Only Imagine Leader's Guide. Working in conjunction with the Video Series, this guide equips group leaders with helpful tips on leading a group, thoughtful discussion questions for each week, and suggested Scripture to read. Create a directed, safe, and open environment to lead your group through a redemptive transformation—from past brokenness to everlasting hope.

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I Can Only Imagine Study Series—Streaming on REVEAL

Get instant, free access to the I Can Only Imagine Study series on Reveal TV. All four episodes feature clips from the movie and include Bart going deeper with the I CAN ONLY IMAGINE story, explaining what he has learned and how he sees God working.

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Church Campaign Kit

I Can Only Imagine Church Campaign Kit

The local church has been charged with the mission of sharing the hope of the gospel, but it can be challenging in a relentlessly broken world. Unite your community in a fully integrated discipleship curriculum and reveal the God who loves people more than they can imagine. This comprehensive kit is ready-to-implement and features:

  • 4-Week Sermon series
  • 4-Episode Video Series
  • 28-day Study Journal
  • Leader's Guide
  • Church Campaign Planning Guide
  • Official Digital Art Files
  • Social Media Plan
  • Video Sermon Bumper
  • And More!
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I Can Only Imagine Youth Ministry Resources

I Can Only Imagine Student Devotions is a powerful exploration of brokenness and redemption, rejection and forgiveness, and the ultimate hope of the Gospel. Inspired by I CAN ONLY IMAGINE and developed by YM360 for use in your youth ministry alongside the I Can Only Imagine 4-session Bible study, this student-focused study is a journey that shows redemption, forgiveness, and salvation are at the heart of God.


  • 4 Downloadable Movie Clips
  • 4 Leader's Guides
  • 3 Devotions for each session
  • 3 Digital Devotions for weekly posting on social media, blog, or website
  • Parent Pages for each lesson
  • Promotional artwork, including Instagram images
  • Background Image Slides
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I Can Only Imagine

A memoir by Bart Millard

I Can Only Imagine Memoir

MercyMe's crossover hit "I Can Only Imagine" has touched millions of people around the world—and will touch people in a new way with the release of the movie I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. But few people know about the pain, redemption, and healing that inspired the song and now the movie. Bart Millard, award-winning recording artist and lead singer of MercyMe, shares how his dad's transformation to a man of God changed Bart's life and sparked a divine moment in music history. W Publishing

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I Can Only Imagine

Children's Picture Book

Childrens Picture Book

I Can Only Imagine asks questions a child might ask and invites families to wonder together: What is Heaven like? What does God do? What would it be like to spend a day with Jesus? Children will see that, although experiencing the glory of Heaven may be far off, we can enjoy a friendship with Jesus every day, here on Earth. Whimsical, playful illustrations and thought-provoking questions make this a book that families will cherish. Tommy Nelson

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I Can Only Imagine—The Best of MercyMe

Best Of MercyMe

In celebration of I CAN ONLY IMAGINE coming to theaters, MercyMe unveils I Can Only Imagine—The Best of MercyMe. This 13-song anthology is a collection of the band’s best-loved songs spanning their illustrious career. In addition to the original “I Can Only Imagine,” this release includes a special version of the song recorded just for the movie. This definitive collection of MercyMe music includes “Even If,” “Flawless,” “Greater,” “Word of God Speak,” “Bring the Rain,” and “God with Us.”Fair Trade Services

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I Can Only Imagine Soundtrack

I Can Only Imagine Soundtrack

Enjoy songs from and inspired by the hit movie I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. The album includes “I Can Only Imagine” performed by J. Michael Finley (Bart in the movie), along with “Amazing Grace;” “O Lord, You’re Beautiful;” and a special song by Dennis Quaid (Arthur in the movie) called “On My Way To Heaven.” Available only at digital and streaming retailers.

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Gift & Decor

Gift & Decor

Based on the lyrics of the song and the heart of the new movie, Carpentree's full line of I Can Only Imagine gifts and decor offers colorful giclée canvas, gallery-wrapped natural canvas, hand-tooled resin cross, modern framed art styles, and photo frames—all celebrating the hope of God's love both now and in the future. Imagine how these joyful expressions of hope can bless you and those you love. Look beyond the here and now and celebrate what God has prepared for you!

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I Can Only Imagine Leather Journaling Notebook

I Can Only Imagine Leather Journaling Notebook

As a kid, Bart Millard filled the pages of his journal with his prayers, thoughts, dreams, and questions. He imagined God would do something big as only He can. Today, the lead singer of MercyMe still journals regularly: writing songs, talking to God, and reflecting on God’s amazing grace in his life. This refillable Journaling Notebook is handcrafted using 100% vegetable-tanned leather, creating sustainable and dignified employment in Haiti. Through your journaling, begin imagining what God wants to do in your life!

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In their newest release, Lifer, MercyMe explores what it means to live out faith daily as followers committed for life. When we do life from a place of faith in God, we become unstoppable and unwavering—connected to something much bigger than ourselves. It's that understanding that commits us to be Lifers. Filled with positive, uplifting lyrics, energetic beats, and soaring melodies, Lifer delivers massive hits that MercyMe is known for, including the song "Even If," which held the #1 spot at Christian radio for more than four months! Fair Trade Services

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New Life Help Line

New Life Help Line

If you find yourself struggling with some of the issues and themes highlighted in I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, New Life Ministries is a phone call away. This national faith-based counseling ministry compassionately serves those seeking emotional and spiritual health and healing for God's glory. For confidential help and hope amidst life's hardest places, call:
1 (800) HELP-4-ME

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You can read even more endorsements of the movie here.

“This film is destined to become an all time Christian classic. I look forward to promoting and taking groups to see it.”

John Thomas, Director of Missions, Southeast Alabama Baptist Association
“Absolutely loved it! An amazing story of God’s power to heal and provide forgiveness.”

Thomas P. Floyd, Director of Missions, Pulaski Baptist Association
“Every song is a story, and you’re going to love the journey of this one. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE is a delightful film about a timeless song that has ministered to my heart many times. See this movie!”

Josh Griffin, Download Youth Ministry
“It is an amazing story that I believe will impact many more people in an even bigger way than it has before. Leaders, take groups, rent out a theater—do whatever it takes to get this film in front of your people!”

Jerry Davis, Youth Pastor Long Hollow Baptist Church
“I can’t begin to imagine how God is going to use this film. You will be reminded that God can use your hurts and pain to strengthen you and encourage others. The Erwin Brothers have done it again by wisely choosing a storyline that only God could have written.”

Pastor Dave Stone, Southeast Christian Church
“This superbly presented story tackles the pain of father damage, identity struggles and rejection with a soaring victory as the conclusion. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE is REAL HOPE!”

Jeff Kemp, Speaker and Author, Board Member, Fatherhood CoMission
“The Erwin Brothers’ commitment to sharing the clear message of the gospel is once again evident with I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. While revealing the history of this powerful song, they have masterfully revealed a story which will resonate with anyone who is hurting and seeking hope.”

Mike Calhoun, Pastor of Ministry Training, The Summit Church
“This movie has so much inspiration—it is emotionally hopeful!”

Lester J. Drayton Jr., Senior Pastor, Chappelle Memorial AME Church
“I found myself reflecting on my own life throughout the story. The message of redemption and forgiveness is very powerful.”

Ray Woodard, SEND City Missionary—Vancouver, North American Mission Board
I CAN ONLY IMAGINE brings powerful life-changing depth to a song that had already touched millions of people. The true story behind the song is one that must be seen by all especially those who are carrying pain from their past.”

Layne Schranz, Associate Pastor, Highlands Campuses And Grow Network
“The story gives everyone a chance to see themselves and how their own lives are continually shaped by God.”

Rev. Carolyn Dugan, American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin
“God has anointed this story of redemption and His total restoration. The song is an expression of that. I never thought of the utter freedom we’ll feel in the presence of God in Heaven. That’s when we’ll first experience our salvation in perfect completion.”

Terrie Brown, Assistant to Director of Missions, Sacramento Region Baptist Network
“I really enjoyed the film. We as the church are not always aware of what is going on in the lives of the young people we come across in our ministry. This film is a powerful picture of forgiveness both of the character in the film, and of our Lord Jesus Christ. I will recommend this film to any who asks.”

William Crelia, Pastor, Winfield Baptist Church
“I found I CAN ONLY IMAGINE to be an uplifting film that I would recommend for all ages. I thought the story line was thought provoking. It was well acted and the music was excellent.”

Jim Reynolds, Director of Missions, Floyd County Baptist Association
“This captivating story will make your heart cry out for those who struggle with embracing the pain and healing in chasing the love of dad.”

Kenneth Braswell, Executive Director, Fathers Incorporated